Alfalit, LGM Meet Governors Council, WIPNET


The President of Alfalit International and Chief Executive Officer of Liberia Ghana Missions recently met leaders and students of the National Traditional Governors Council (NTGC) Literacy Class in Monrovia.

Dr. Joseph Milton and Rev. Emmanuel J. Giddings met the newly enrolled adult literacy learners to review progress and academic performances at the center.

Prior to the initiative that led to the establishment of the Governors Adult Literacy Center, Alfalit-Liberia provided funds to renovate two rooms in the old National Housing and Savings Bank building.

NTGC President Madam Musu Thompson said members of the Adult Literacy are now able to sign for their bags of rice the program issues to them regularly.

“Due to the quality of Alfalit instruction, most of the adult literacy class members are making steady progress in their various lessons,” Madam Thompson said.

She added that Rev. Giddings and the Alfalit team in Liberia are empowering adult literacy learners throughout the country.
Madam Thompson said there is no age limit for the attainment of basic education and assured the Alfalit leaders of their commitment to the adult literacy program.

She, however, noted that due to the age of the Governors, the issue of transportation and other logistics have remained their challenges since the classes started in February this year.

She said the Governors are the original owners of the country because they represent the 15 political subdivisions.

In a brief statement, Dr. Milton expressed gratitude for interacting with the traditional leaders.

“Since I started visiting Liberia from 2007, I have not had the opportunity to meet all Liberian leaders at a single place in our adult literacy program,” Dr. Milton said.

Dr. Milton then pledged Alfalit International’s commitment and support to the adult literacy program in the years to come.

“Let me say to you all Liberian traditional leaders that we are humbled to see you and work with you in our adult literacy program in your country,” Dr. Milton said.

In response to the transportation difficulty faced by the governors, Alfalit International Liberia Executive Director Rev. Emmanuel J. Giddings said the Alfalit team in Liberia and its partners are going to think over the request and see what to do.

Rev. Giddings said out of the 83 established adult literacy centers, the Governors Council adult literacy class is on the priority list of Alfalit International.

He also promised to address the issue of lack of lighting affecting the Governors in the adult literacy program.

At the Peace Palava Hut at Sinkor Fish Market, the Women in Peace building Network (WIPNET) briefed the Alfalit team on the roles of Liberian women in the restoration of peace.

The WIPNET women informed the combined LGM and Alfalit team that during the civil war, many of them were abused and tortured by warring factions.

WIPNET’s coordinator and advocacy leader, Delthenie Morris, and Bernice Freeman, commended Alfalit International Liberia for its support over the years.

In response to the women’s statements, the Alfalit and the LGM team promised to buy a used mini bus to enhance their peace building activities.


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