ALE to Celebrate Int’l Literacy Day

Henry Wolokolie- “We want to raise .jpg

In an effort to raise awareness and advance literacy in Liberia, the Association of Literacy Educators (ALE) will for the first time celebrate International Literacy Day on Friday, September 16.

International Literacy Day is celebrated annually around the world on September 8. This year’s theme is “Steps to Advance Literacy.”

ALE President Henry P. Wolokolie said the topic is extremely important in Liberia because parents pay money for their children to attend school, yet many of these children can’t read a single paragraph.

ALE, a release said, is committed to turning this around by arming primary school teachers with skills and materials to help children break through the mystery of sounds and letters that are the keys to reading.

The aim of the celebration is to raise awareness of the importance of reading for all Liberian children.

The event will include a march along Tubman Boulevard and a program at the Young Men’s Christian Association gymnasium on Broad Street with nationally known speakers, including Representatives from the United States, local universities, school teachers and students.

The Association of Literacy Educators is a national literacy organization made up of educators and school administrators who are dedicated to support reading with a focus on early grade literacy development.

ALE’s two main programs are Liberia Reads! (KG-G3) and Liberia Reads to Learn! (G4-G6), both being sponsored by the Children’s Reading Center of Palatka, Florida, in the United States. ALE is a member of the International Literacy Association in United States and the Pan African Literacy Association.


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