500 Senior High Students Undergoing Intensive Study Classes

Some of the students attending the study class

Some of the students attending the study class– In Ganta to excel in WAEC

In preparation for this year’s West African Examination Council (WAEC) exams, over 500 senior students representing 10 senior high schools in Ganta are currently undergoing intensive study classes.

According to the consultant of the special study class, Dr. Sei Buor, the study program focuses on subject areas in which students are not confident of making successful passes.

He named such subjects as mathematics (especially trigonometry and geometry), chemistry, physics and the language arts.

He said there are 18 instructors conducting the training, with three assigned to each of the six subjects they are concentrating on in the study.

Dr. Buor explained that the program is a three-month program that will climax in the second week in May.

“The program is totally free of charge. We are providing all the teaching materials and are also providing copybooks and pens to the students,” he said.

He added that they decided to launch the program to enhance the students’ academic skills based on the history of poor performances by Ganta area students in the WAEC exams.

“We designed a special curriculum looking back at five years of WAEC test questions and also using all other methodologies to enhance their capacities for WAEC readiness,” he said.

The program, under the theme: “Reaching for Academic Excellence,” is sponsored by an American-based organization known as Christian Leadership Training International, with the motto: “Discipleship, Education and Entrepreneurship.”

Last year students representing the 15 high schools in Ganta performed poorly in the annual WAEC exams.

Owing to the mass failure last year, many senior high schools in Nimba County are conducting regular extra classes for the students to equip them before this year’s WAEC exams.

“We are very happy with this study and it is really helpful to us,” said a student from Hope Academy, who gave her name as Olivia.

Meanwhile, Dr. Buor has praised the community and the host school, Ganta United Methodist School, for enabling the smooth running of the study program.

“What we really need is cooperation from the community, instructors and the students so we can reap good results,” he added.


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