4,000 Students Benefit from Liberia-Ghana Missions’ Scholarships

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After 10 years of successful educational journey in Ghana and Liberia, more than 4,000 students from both countries are benefiting from the Liberia-Ghana Missions (LGM) since 2003.

Beneficiaries of the LGM scholarships initiative range from elementary, high school, and university levels in the country.

Addressing a press conference Wednesday, November 12, 2013 at its head office in Congo Town, Rev. Emmanuel J. Giddings, chief executive officer (CEO), disclosed that the 2013 scholarship assistance, is US$134,000 for 8,600 students.

CEO Giddings also intimated that first seed grant of US$10,000 was placed in the USD account of the LGM by friends and people of goodwill that jump-started the entire educational processes in Ghana and Liberia.

He also explained in Ghana, the LGM was able to establish micro business services for Liberians and Ghanaians aimed at providing socio-economic empowerment for the beneficiaries during the civil crisis period in Liberia.

CEO Giddings further intimated that in the same Ghana, LGM was able to initiate and establish a modern communications center including a vibrant internet that provided teleconferences for the beneficiaries.

The LGM boss also intimated that there exist a solid collaborative venture between the LGM and that of the foremost adult literacy entity — ALFALIT International Liberia.

Shedding light on whether the LGM is in rural Liberia, CEO Giddings responded in the affirmative and indicated that the education outfit now operates in six of Liberia’s 15 political subdivisions.

CEO Giddings also asserted that the LGM initiated and started the educational journey owing to what the entity observed as desperation, marginalization and deprivation of Liberians and Ghanaians in many sectors of life.

Commenting on what basis students are selected on the LGM’s scholarships, Rev. Giddings averred that, desperate needs such as parents and sponsors socio-economic inabilities to pay school and college fees in the two countries.

Asked whether the LGM’s scholarships are being extended to vocational and technical institutions, CEO Giddings noted that the institution is working modalities and plans to ensure the involvement of such institutions in the country.

The LGM executive stated that the entity has put in place a unique program of adapting schools that would cater to students with a cost sharing mechanism in order to ensure that students in such category are not denied access to school and education.

Throwing light on challenges and constraints, CEO Giddings pointed out that the fact ordinary Liberians armed with fortitude, determination and resilience could work together in lifting Liberians and Ghanaians to achieve their goals, ambitions and objectives cannot be over-emphasized.

On what drove his faith into action for Liberians and Ghanaians, CEO Giddings indicated that serving humanity, needs of desperate, marginalized and less fortunate people are the basis of his mission to Ghana and country Liberia.

On what led to his compassion to serve humanity in general, CEO Giddings asserted ‘consistent, constant and regular appeals by people in desperate needs,’ gave him the inner conviction to establish the LGM to respond to such educational needs of such people.

For example, CEO Giddings disclosed that the face of LGM is the classic case of Ms. Faith Grace Okai who consistently showed up at the education outfit for assistance in Ghana at the time of the Liberian civil crisis.

The LGM head also noted that Ms. Faith Grace Okai is the icon and physical face that would in the future serve as the symbol of the organization in Liberia.

Speaking about the 10th anniversary celebrations scheduled for today November 15, CEO Giddings disclosed that the calendar of events include street parade starting mid-day and indoor program at the Bethel Cathedral of Hope Church in Congo Town.


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