4-Yr Old Pupil Attracts Audience at Confucius Institute’s Donation


Educators say proper and early childhood development leads to the desired outcome of a child. This was demonstrated by a four-year old kindergarten student, Venus Gbah, of the Lolongta Children’s Hut in Fiamah where Chinese Ambassador Zhang Yue and staff of the Confucius Institute had gone to donate supplies to the school.

Little Venus who was selected by her colleagues to give the acknowledgement for the donation, said in a distinct and articulate tone, “We thank you very much for the supplies to the Lolongta Children’s Hut. We thank the Government and people of China for the care. We will use it for the intended purpose and hope others will do the same to help us.”

At the end of young Venus’ speech, the entire platform guests including Ambassador Yue and officials representing the ministries of Education and State, moved by how articulate and self-confident she was, gave her a thunderous applause.

The Ambassador and guests treated her with admiration and encouraged her to continue to study hard.

In his remarks, Ambassador Yue said supplies brought to Lolongta was part of China’s plan to support and enhance cooperation between social organizations, enterprises, women and youths from both sides.

He said early childhood development was essential to the growth and development of any society, and that Lolongta’s role in modeling less privileged children like Little Venus was a meaningful venture to support.

Ambassador Yue said after the Ebola crisis, he suggested “People to people programs that would allow the Chinese Embassy and institutions including the Confucius Institute to reach out to institutions and groups of people in Liberia with assistance.

He emphasized that the Confucius Institute was not only here in Liberia to teach the Chinese Language, but to also reach out to communities and provide things needed by Liberians.

Ambassador Yue expressed gratitude for the opportunity to reach out to the future generation with supplies that will sustain them as they are prepared for the task ahead.

On behalf of government, Minister of State without Portfolio, Sylvester Grigsby, stated that the Liberian government was appreciative of the gesture and recognizes all the assistance from the Chinese Government to Liberia.

The Confucius Institute supplies included sports and sanitary materials and food items such as bags of rice, gallons of vegetable oil, and cans of Sardines as well as bottled water.

The Principal, Evelyn G. Williams, said the idea to establish the school was brought by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf from Senegal where she visited in 2011.

“When the President returned,” Evelyn said, “She introduced the same program in Liberia to give less privileged children the opportunity to learn.”

Evelyn said they are currently catering for 83 students between ages two and five years.

She said the institution depends on support from government and humanitarian organizations.


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