30 Youth Certificated On Impact For Peace, Capacity Building

Participants of the 5-day Impact for Peace training with Minister Tarpeh, UNITAR Representative and ABIC Staff

Following a one week of intensive training on the Impact for Peace and capacity building, at least thirty (30) young people have received certificates. The one-week event was organized by the Angie Brooks International Center (ABIC) and in partnership with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).

The Impact for Peace training was a 5-day entrepreneurial training intended to develop and support young people to become change-makers in their communities. The training targets young Liberians between 18-25 years of age.

This is the first time the Impact for Peace training has been held in Liberia and is a cooperation between ABIC and UNITAR. Held at the Foreign Service Institute’s Training Hall at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the training brought together participants from across the country.

The International Youth Coordinator at ABIC, Gifty Mensah, reinforced the commitment of ABIC towards developing the capacity of young Liberians. According to her, the training was made possible due to the commitment made that ABIC in collaboration with UNITAR.

Madam Mensah who spoke to participants reassures ABIC’s commitment to building the capacity of young minds as well as empower women through their many programs.

She called on the participants to use the training to acquire more knowledge that will help build their capacities to become change-makers in various communities as well.

Furthermore, the Program Manager of ABIC, Henrietta Tolbert, said that her institution was honoured to have the potential youth who are willing to make a significant impact through the Impact for Peace and capacity building training program.

Madam Tolbert noted that the effort of being part of the training program would have an impact on them and their communities.

“We hope that this training program will grow to something else looking at the momentum and number of young people who have shown that they want to participate and want to make a change in their lives,” she stated.

Madam Tolbert said that, as time goes by, the organization wants the entire country to participate in the program, something she said depends on how well the participants would come out in terms of performance in their various communities.

“I did not know that we have the capacity, these wonderful promising young people who have the brains and who are change-makers in their communities. I know this will be something relevant for the entire country”, Madam Tolbert said.

The organization, according to her, has been doing a lot of work with youth across Liberia, stressing that “this one is a different type, which is going to give the young change-makers hope for themselves, communities, social life, leadership capacities and which, she believes, will gear towards improved living standards.”

A representative of the European Union (EU), John Frutos, reaffirmed the EU’s commitment to accompany Liberia’s effort to preserve and consolidate peace, development, and human rights every single day.

Mr Frutos stressed that it is not only the work of the government to protect the peace but also the work of civil society and young people can make a change and a difference.

“We hope that this training will help to equip you with the skills, confidence and capacity. Make the most out of your skills and contribute to your communities,” Frutos said.

According to him, for the short time he has spent in Liberia, he admires the spirit and commitment of Liberians to preserve and protect the peace every day. Peace is an everybody business, he noted, but everyone has a role to play to keep the peace, which starts, from the communities.

Boima Kamara, a participant, thanked ABIC and UNITAR for providing them with the space to unleash their potentials. He indicated that they have the passion but they need more space, adding that the space ABIC has provided be used to bring change. He said he believes that the training program will help them go back into the communities and be ambassadors of change.

He called on his friend to muster the courage and know that their selection to form part of the training was not based on interest but a thorough selection process.

Deputy Minister of Labor, Phil Dixon Tarpeh, thanked the government of Liberia, UN, UNITAR, UNICEF, and other partners for the support to the program.  Minister Tarpeh: “All of these entities of the United Nations are as the result of the founding documents Liberia and other nations signed in San Francisco in 1945, which  Liberia has benefited from over the years,” he said.

Minister Tarpeh urged the young people not to be discouraged, but use their knowledge and skills to impact society. He also told them not to allow a disappointment to stop them from rendering their service to the country. According to him,  patriotism is essential to the growth and development of every nation.

“Disappointment tells you to work harder. The person that might have to improve is going to be yourself, keep that fire in you to work harder. I look forward to seeing you in your endeavors and also look forward to working with UNITAR and other UN organizations and please continue to work with ABIC and all other relevant agencies to be a part of your project”, Minister Tarpeh noted.


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