14 Public Schools Closed in Gbi

- For lack of teachers


By Ishmael F. Menkor

The shortage of qualified classroom teachers, has resulted in the closure of 14 public schools in the Gobi & Doru Administrative Districts of Nimba, according to district education officer of Tappita District # 1, Mr. Dipah Gbar Kannah.

In an interview in Ganta recently, Mr. Kannah alleged that most of the public school teachers have laid down their chalks after being dropped from the payroll by the Ministry of Education, “because they lack credentials.”

He claimed that most of the teachers were junior and high school dropouts who could not be permitted to serve as teachers and maintained on the government payroll.

The Principal of the Wlayee Town Public School, Nathaniel Z. Wea, agreed with the DEO, saying the issue is affecting all the public schools in the district and may likely worsen in the next academic year if nothing is done.

Mr. Wea added that he was part of a group of four teachers at his school, but he is the only one left in charge.

“The children are leaving the schools because there are no teachers. Even as we speak, my school is presently closed because of my absence,” he said.

“Whenever I leave the school to come to Ganta for my salary or attend a workshop, my school remains closed until I return because I am the only teacher.

“As we speak, the Tiah Town Public School and Zeewron Public school are closed because of no teachers.”

Gbi and Doru are located in the remotest districts of Nimba, where issues of road, school and health facilities remain serious challenges to the people.

District Education Officer Kannah said even though there is a shortage of teachers, children in the district are also not serious about learning. He said on many occasions, he has received reports of students abandoning classes for mining or to hunt.

“The Ministry has asked us to recruit qualified teachers to take assignments in the district,” Kanneh said.


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