12 Crozierville Youths Acquire Computer Skills

View of the young people who earned certificate in the computer training program.jpg


Twelve youths of the Antoinette Tubman Community School computer-training program in Crozierville have acquired computer skills after completing an eleven-month training program.

The publisher and managing editor of the Daily Observer newspaper, Mr. Kenneth Y. Best, has promised the people of Crozierville and its surroundings an advanced computer training and adult literacy program.

He said, “With the cooperation of our friend (the YMCA), we will launch the advanced computer program and the adult literacy program ‘each one teach one’.”

Mr. Best explained, “The advanced course will help you prepare yourselves for the job market” and added that computer knowledge could be used to transform the township of Crozierville.

At the event, the Commissioner of Crozierville, Mr. Jones Thorpe, called on the government of Liberia to train people in their respective communities for the job market.

According to Mr. Thorpe, the transfer of people from one community to another for jobs was a serious problem affecting the rebuilding of the country.

Mr. Thorpe thanked the supporters, graduates, and executive staff of the computer-training program for their effort towards the success of the township of Crozierville.

He called on students of the Antoinette Tubman Community School computer-training program to be resilient in their studies.

The IT specialist and coordinator of the computer-training program, Mr. Yarkpai Keller, thanked the YMCA and the Weeks family for their contributions in empowering the youths of Crozierville.

 Mr. Keller said courses offered in computer science were: an introduction to computer systems, Microsoft office packages, which included MS-Access, MS-Word, and data base creation and management tools, as beginner courses for the training program.     


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