Don’t Join the Critic Club


House Speaker, J. Alex Tyler, on Wednesday warned members of the graduating class of the Catholic-run Stella Maris Polytechnic to muster the audacity to face the challenges of the world and not join the “Critic Club” that would in the end destroy their future.

Speaker Tyler gave the admonition during a program marking the official Intellectual Discourse and Fundraising rally hosted by the graduating class to undertake projects on their campus.

The event was hosted by the 400 member graduating class as part of its pre-graduation activities for the 15th Commencement Convocation which was held on Friday, May 1.

Wednesday’s event was held quietly due primarily to protocols the institution put into place as part of measures to contain the Ebola epidemic. It was hosted under the theme, “Where Next from Here,” as the class name Atina! or “This is Our Time,” implies.

According to Speaker Tyler, the theme, “Where Next from Here,” is straight-forward and bears the undercurrents of critical self-examination by everyone, be they graduates or ordinary persons in society. 

The question, “What Next From Here?” commands a paradigm shift from the street corner discussions to an internal self-analysis of one’s own norms, values and lapses.

 On the recent debate regarding Liberia becoming a “Christian Nation,” Speaker Tyler assured the graduates that Liberian history, culture and tradition as well as the recent ugly past, will not permit members of the House of Representatives to set up a society of exclusion as a state of “the tyranny of the majority or a religious enclave in which we will tend to polarize rather than coalesce.”

 “I must warn you that challenges abound, because what is expected of you in a larger society as graduates from an elite school, is to realize that your community is bigger than your own desires. But don’t be surprised if there are no instant miracles as you might have expected,” he told the graduates.

 He then challenged the graduates to decide whether to advance their careers, adding that more education will always increase their value and capacity in the global marketplace.


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