BWI Vindicates Students of Drug Abuse


Authorities at the Booker Washington Institute (BWI) in Kakata, Margibi County, have sharply reacted to recent media reports insinuating that prohibited drugs were on sale at the campus of the institute.

  In a very serious tone, the Acting Principal, Alexander M. Massey, disclaimed the report, indicated instead that some “unscrupulous drug pushers” had encroached on BWI’s property near the west bank of the Du-River thereby disturbing the students and the teaching staff.

He said, his administration forwarded a complaint to the Kakata detachment of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), which later moved into the area to restore sanity to the campus by evicting a gang of drug addicts that reportedly established a base on the institute’s premises.

 “We have a situation where some suspected criminal-minded drug-pushers encroached on our property and constructed a makeshift structure with loud music mounted on the top that often disturbed students as well as instructors, mostly those that live in the staff quarters,” Mr. Massey explained.

 According to him, the area in question is identified as “Miami Beach,” and DEA officers moved in there and reportedly dismantled the makeshift structures. “There has been absolutely no such thing as drugs on sale on the campus, “he said.

  When the Daily Observer contacted Kakata DEA Office on Thursday, Deputy Chief of Operations, Lt. Gbormie Torplue, confirmed receiving a letter of complaint from the BWI administration, dated April 13, about the alleged sale of drugs near the campus.

 “Based on the urgency of the letter, we moved into the area and immediately arrested Abraham Kamara and charged him for illegal possession of narcotic drugs and sent him to the Kakata Magisterial Court for prosecution,” DEA Lt. Torplue stated.

 At the Kakata Magisterial Court, the clerk confirmed that DEA has forwarded to court several suspects, among who was one Kamara, for prosecution owing to their alleged involvement in the sale of illegal substances, but he did not elaborate.


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