Vegetables Site Selection


Vegetables are widely grown in Liberia by most subsistence farmers. They remain one of the most profitable crops, especially when the producer possesses the skills and knowledge to grow them.

But the crucial aspect in the cultivation of vegetables is the selection of a good site. A good site for the production of vegetables ensures better growth and security for constant monitoring and care.

Where should a vegetable production site be located?

The site should be located near a river, creek or well. This is because the production of vegetables requires more than 90 percent water.

If it is a school garden project, the area should be as near to the school campus as possible. The school garden can be used as a
demonstration site to develop the practical agriculture skills of students.

For a farmer seeking for help from government or partners, do not select a site that is more than 45 minutes walk away from the town. Most partners will want to support a farmer whose farm is well accessible.

The area selected must be a loamy soil (soil that contains decayed plant and animal materials).

In selecting the site, the farmer should get the history of the site. Ask people which vegetable crops do well in the area.

The land selected should be flat and not sloping.

Do not select a place that contains too much gravel.

Where should a vegetable site be selected based on the season?

Select a site in the low land (swamp) to produce vegetables in the dry season.

Select a site in the upland to produce vegetables during the rainy season.

About the Writer:
Judoemue kollie is a farm reporter with more than five years’ experience in agricultural journalism. He has taught agriculture at a government primary school in Salala, Bong County. He holds a certificate in general agriculture from the Tumutu Agricultural Training program in Salala, Bong County, and a diploma in journalism from the International School of Journalism in Monrovia.
Currently, he works as a farm columnist at the Daily Observer Newspaper


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