Rural NGO Needs Support to Boost Agro-processing Training

Sam Brown (right) with one of his trainees, displaying sample of processed food.

 By Wender K. Massaquoi

One of the local food processors in Nimba County is calling on the government through the Ministry of Agriculture for support so as to enable his entity carry on more production in the country.

Speaking to the Daily Observer recently in Ganta, Mr. Sam Brown said his institution is engaged in production and processing of local food to the best quality, which is full of nutrition for any well meaning citizens.

Currently, he said, they are engaged in the processing of cassava into what he described as “super farina”, containing all the best ingredients, different from the usual preparation done by farmers.

“This super farina can be eaten without adding sugar or any other thing,” he said. “It is well prepared and does not have any side effect.”

Mr. Samuel S. Brown is the proprietor of the S. Brown Institute, a vocational institution that is training people in basic agriculture skills including the preparation and processing of the local food items.

Brown, who has traveled to Nigeria and saw how Nigerians process their local food for consumption said, if empowered, he is able to produce more food items that could feed the county and the country at large.

“We engaged in local food production and processing in Ganta City in order to help feed the citizens in Nimba and around Liberia, because it is disgraceful for a country that cannot feed itself,” he said.

“We have enough food in Liberia to feed ourselves and to stop us from importing, but we lack the skill of finishing it and again, we do not have the support to produce enough for the masses,” he explained.

On a tour of the production or training site, several young women and men were seen undergoing intensive two weeks training for the preparation of local food items.

“Here, we process cassava and plantain into different long lasting food items,” said one Miatta, 36.

“The institute is open to everyone, no matter your level in life or school. And we are calling on the government to help us in this process of producing and processing what we eat,” a 42 year old lady added.

However, the institution is appealing to the government and any other well wishers for assistance toward training more unskilled Liberians in food processing so as to enable them to be self-employed.

“We want the government to step in very fast, so we can curtail the importation of some of this locally produced food items,” Mr. Brown said.

“We import nearly everything that we eat, which is making things difficult in the country and some of these imported foods are creating serious health problems for our people,” he concluded.


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