U.S. Delegation to Boost Agriculture in Liberia

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A delegation of at least 30 individuals from the Indiana Agriculture Institute in the United State of America, are expected to arrive in Liberia in March of this year to help boost that nation’s agriculture sector.

The 30 persons are key agriculture leaders with interests and experiences in large corporations, financial institutions and universities.

The visit would advance and promote the Indiana-Liberia connection that has been strategically impacting the Liberian economy in the past.

The delegations are guests of Gina Sheets and her husband Travis Sheets.

Gina and Travis have arrived in Liberia to begin work with the Liberia International Christian College in Ganta, Nimba County.

Gina and Travis are co-founders of Hope in the Harvest Missions, based in Frankfort, Indiana, and LICC’s School of Agriculture. They will spend the next four years using their expertise in farming techniques and organizational administration to build the agricultural training facilities and program at LICC and other organizations; thereby working to boost agricultural development throughout Liberia.

Gina has a degree in Business Administration from Stanislaus State University and accreditation by the International Economic Development Council in Economics through the University of Oklahoma. Before serving as Secretary of the Indiana Department of Agriculture, Gina served as the department’s Director of Economic Development and worked with international businesses and governments. Recently, Gina joined the Sagamore Institute as a Senior Fellow. The Sagamore Institute, an Indianapolis-based nonprofit, nonpartisan, public policy research organization or think tank, takes its name from the Algonquin Indian word sagamore, which refers to a trusted individual within the tribe to whom the chief would look for wisdom and advice on issues of public concern.

Travis received a degree in Parks and Recreation from Vincennes University before spending seven years with World Mission Builders, building churches around the world. Travis worked with tropical plants and exotic animals from around the world while fine tuning a well-respected expertise. He has also developed diverse farming techniques at their Indiana farm, bringing in many international visitors to witness them. Gina and Travis own several small businesses: have built, managed and owned zoos, and have served as elected officials.

Gina and Travis’ long-term aspirations involve not only their endeavors in Ganta, but in the transformation of agricultural methods and productivity throughout Liberia. They intend to not only invest in the school’s buildings but also in its human resources. They will be training students, future professors, and entrepreneurs to pass along their knowledge to future generations in Liberia’s economy.

The Sheets recognize the role that agriculture must play in the advancement of Liberia’s people and will help develop the sector in Liberia to make it a major participant in the global market.

This endeavor fits into LICC President, Sei Buor’s larger vision to equip Liberians with a strong Christian education and high-quality professional training. The Sheets hope to not only build buildings but also the spiritual and educational capacity of their students and colleagues. These colleagues and students are building LICC into a catalyst for development in Nimba County and all of Liberia.


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