Senator Sumo Promises to Prioritize Agriculture Sector

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In an effort to be self-productive as country and citizens of Liberia, the senior Senator of Monsterrado County, Joyce M. Freeman Sumo, has promised to give prioritize to the agriculture sector to ensure that Liberians focus on home food production.

Speaking over the weekend to newsmen, the lawmaker said the agriculture sector has broken down and thereby making Liberian dependable on imported food and other materials that would be produced in the country.

The Montserrado lawmaker said, “We have to make sure that farmers have the capacity to produce our food, including vegetables and not to depend on imported rice as a country. If farmers capacities are built in termed of training, empowerment and supplies, Liberia will not suffer for food.”

According to her, many of the farmers are willing to engage into huge production of rice and other farming produce that would have impacts in the lives of the people and the country as well.

The Senator also reference Lofa as one of the counties that would helped in making Liberia independent in producing a stable diet, especially with the current country’s population of 3.5 million people.   

“I work harder to ensure that the agriculture sector is focused on and there can be more support given to farmers. We need to focus on self-empowerment as country and citizens.”

The Montserrado lawmaker explained that, during her tenure as senator of the county, she constructed basic services of the people, including hand-pump and latrines across the 17 District after examining the needs of the community and people.

“These are things that the people really needed after the civil crisis. At the time it was 14 districts, we did career development with two persons from each district. We observed that LWSC was not reaching to some places and needed to ensure that our people have access to these thing.”

According to her, through her scholarship program, they have been able to sponsor 380 students from 2006-2014, including high school students and college as well as vocational institutions to ensure that people desire of learning can have the opportunity to education.

She indicated that her challenge was also with the county development fund, which she also work on some projects and submitted then but never implemented apart from the school project that they gave US$14,000.


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