Organic Farming Attracts Better Markets


The Green Coast Farm has taken an unusual step to revolutionize farming in Liberia by introducing organically grown food products.

Organic farming is the production of vegetables and livestock using natural sources of nutrients, such as compost, crop residues, and animal manure, instead of using chemical substances.

This type of farming is now being practiced by some Liberian farmers with the hope of attracting better market opportunity to improve incomes.

The Chief Executive Officer of Green Coast Farm, Bill Tolbert in 2013, upon his return from the United States, he established a farm to grow vegetables using organic fertilizers to attract better market opportunity .

He said organic farming is a new farming system in Liberia. “It is about meeting our clients and telling them how differently we grow our crops and its nutritional benefits.”

Mr. Tolbert said he began his farm from scratch but it is slowly growing because “our ordering chart indicates an increase of customers who are mostly expatriates interested in our products.”

He said his challenges include getting seeds because most of the seeds are imported and their viability rate is low which affects sales. Secondly, some of the imported seeds are not suitable for “our soil to get good yields.”

Mr. Tolbert said organic farming is the best way to go for Liberian farmers because it is much cheaper than the conventional farming. It helps farmers to save more money as chemical fertilizers are so expensive.

“When Liberian farmers adopt organic farming it will help attract them to the export market,” he said.


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