Nyehn Town Farmers Plead for Support

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As efforts to improve food sufficiency in the country continue, several farmers in Nyehn Town, Todee District#1, Lower Montserrado County are appealing for support to enable them to improve their farms.

The farmers are engaged in subsistence farming and are urging the government through the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) and non-governmental organizations to come to their assistance.

Farmers are involved in planting cassava, peanuts, rice, bitter balls and peppers.

Ma Lucy Dolo, 48, in an interview with the Daily Observer recently in Todee district disclosed that it is important for farmers in rural areas to get financial and material support because a stable agricultural sector will ensure Liberia’s food security.

“Liberia depends on rice as our staple food and we have a rich soil that is capable of producing food to feed its citizens and this can only be done when local farmers are empowered to produce more food,” she said.

She asserted that growing food for the country is crucial and therefore the government should provide assistance.

Madam Dolo said “Agriculture plays a critical role in the entire life of a given country and we must work to produce food as well as employment for our people.”

Another farmer, Martha Moses said, “My dream is to see our country’s agricultural sector develop with storage facilities.”

Madam Moses is a local farmer in Nyehn Town who plants rice, cassava and palm oil.

She told this newspaper that there are many farmers who need support from the Liberian government and partners.

“I’m 67 years old and I depend on my 6 acres of land. I harvest my produce and take them to Red light market but sometimes majority of them spoil while taking them to the market.

“I only use the money to feed my house and send my children to school but that is not what I want to happen because I want to be a great contributor to the reduction of hunger and poverty in Liberia.”

“If I receive the kind of support I need from Government or NGOs it will help me greatly because I will increase my production and make sure all my lands are used to increase food production,” Madam Moses said.

Madam Moses warned that if Liberia’s agriculture sector is not strengthened it would create a serious problem for citizens.

“It’s time we take up the challenge and rely on agriculture as our main source of income as we fight to end hunger by our hard work,” Madam Moses urged.


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