MVSA Welcomes Agricultural Tariff Suspension


The head of the Vegetable Sellers Association in Monrovia has welcomed the suspension of tariff on agricultural equipment, but wants the government to put in place a mechanism that will ensure that farmers get additional support to ensure success in the country’s agricultural sector.

Speaking to the Daily Observer recently at the Red-Light market, the chairman of the Monrovia Vegetables Sellers Association (MVSA), Sumo Mulbah, n
oted that the suspension of tariff on agricultural equipment “is in a good direction as it will encourage individuals to engage into agricultural businesses.”
He noted that to ensure that the tariff benefits the country the government will need to monitor the sales of agricultural equipment and other agricultural related merchandise on the local market.

Speaking via telephone, Joseph Kerkulah of Gibi District, Margibi County, said the government should have an affordable price system on tariff materials.
Mr. Kerkulah said the cost of agricultural equipment and seeds are still high despite the lifting of the tariff on the local market.

“I think the government must come out with prices on agricultural equipment, seeds and other related goods as some traders take the opportunity to exploit the market by keeping prices high,” Mr. Kerkulah.

The 2016 Executive Order No.81 said the government “recognizes the increased need to stimulate activities in the agricultural sector after years of war; and also recognizes the need to provide incentives under the economic transformation pillar of the Agenda for Transformation by encouraging private sector investment in the procurement of essential agricultural equipment, agricultural seeds, and other goods directly related to agricultural development to become self-sufficient in food production.”


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