MOA, Partners Begin One Week Workshop

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The Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with its partners has begun a weeklong workshop with the focus of implementing an integrated agriculture information system called Economic Community of West African States Agricultural policy (ECOAGRIS).

Assistant Minister for Planning and Development at the Ministry of Agriculture, Patrick Worzie said the workshop will help participants to better formulate and monitor policies, undertake sectoral data analysis and strategies for agricultural development.

ECOAGRIS as a policy will help promote trade between all stakeholders (public and private) and also serve as an instrument for the West African region, Minister Worzie said.

He said it will be a source of reliable data to strengthen the analyses and intervention of regional public and private stakeholders in food production.

The workshop will show participants how to map and describe the first step in the implementation of household economy analysis.
Minister Worzie said livelihood zones will be earmarked to make available relevant and reliable information on households in order to assess their vulnerability.

He called on the participants to get the best out of the training to be able to contribute to Liberia’s information system and strengthen regional integration by providing support to improve access to food production and security

Assistant Minister Dr. Charles McClain said that information remains a critical issue in the country and the ministry lacks a better information system that tracks the statistics of activities in the sector.

“This training is significant because we don’t even have statistics of farmers in the country,” Dr. McClain said, adding, -“it’s only recently that we began the E-registration process for farmers and I’m happy about this training because it will help us to have a vibrant information system.”


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