MoA Begins Registration Of 150K Farmers


As part of the Liberia’s agricultural transformation agenda, the Ministry of Agriculture has begun the registration of 150,000 farmers across the country.
The registration is to enable the ministry to have a database of Liberian farmers and to find means to help improve their yields.

According to the MoA, in September 2015, an inter-ministerial taskforce on agricultural transformation in Liberia was convened by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

The taskforce produced a road map of interventions in key value-added chains.

The road map was further developed into an action plan for an agricultural transformation with the support of the African Development Bank.

The action plan prioritizes interventions to raise food supply by the establishment of an input distribution system that helps farmers access new technologies of fertilizer and improved varieties/breeds, and support/training for farmers to adopt the technologies.

Access by farmers to agricultural inputs in a systematic fashion is the backbone of increased productivity and efficiency in commodity value-added chains.
Getting the best available seeds and fertilizers into the hands of hundreds of thousands of small holder farmers to raise current crop yields, especially rice and cassava from current yields to at least three metric tons per hectare, which often requires an initial support to get inputs into the hands of most farmers.

This in turn requires farmers databases with information on location, gender, what they grow, market outlets, etc.

To achieve this, the government of Liberia has contracted the services of Cellulant Nigeria Limited (an international consulting firm) to design an efficient input distribution system in Liberia, including farmer databases, extensive agro-dealer networks, good supply chains, ICT platforms, standards and enforcement, and extension support, based upon successful examples from around Africa.

For the current farming season, Cellulant Nigeria Limited is developing an ICT-based input distribution system to provide affordable agricultural inputs such as fertilizers and seeds of improved crop varieties to 150,000 farmers in order to increase their yields per hectare and upgrade their output to world standards.


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