Meet 36-Yr-Old Honey Bee Farmer


She is 36 and engages in one of the rarest farming professions in Liberia — Bee Farming.

Old lady Kumba Saah told the Daily Observer Farmer Desk that she was taught by a Ghanaian national in 2006 and has since been raising bees for their honey on her own.

Beekeeping is so rare among the farming professions in Liberia that to see its farmer is another thing. Most preferably it would be a male farmer raising bees for their honey than a female the reason being that because bees are ferocious. They are notable for their caustic sting when they are troubled. No woman or most of them won’t want to bother with raising bees that never get to know their owners.

This is not the case with Ms. Saah, however. “It’s a very good profession. My family has lived on it since I started doing it. It doesn’t have much work,” Ms. Saah, a mother of two, said.

“It’s not hard to do; anyone can do it. That person will only need a little brush up and he or she can be on their own. There is not physical work in the process,” she explained. However, she countered that what someone might see as being hard is when driving the bees away from their combs in order to harvest the honey.

She told our Farmer Desk that she built 15 boxes to keep her bees but only four of the boxes were left; the rest were stolen. From a box, she stated beaming with a smile: “When the bees really produce more, one box can give seven gallons of honey.”

She sells a 0.5 liters of honey for L$840 (US$10) and a gallon for L$6,720 (US$80). One major problem she has right now is marketing one and half barrels of pure honey she has stored.

She stated that it’s a very good venture that she is hoping to join partnership with someone, who will be willing to increase the size of the business. At the moment, Ms. Saah said all she does right is just ‘from hand to mouth,’ meaning she only does it for her family’s survival. The single parent has a family size of seven, including her younger sister, younger sister’s kids and her kids.


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