Livelihood Development Center (LivDec) Re-branded

The farmers expressed gratitude to Livelihood Development Center for the agriculture materials

Livelihood Development Center (LiveDeC) is the rebranded name of Emma Smith Life Recovery Foundation (ESLRF). The new name change captures our new outlook from a somewhat individualistic posture to have an all-embracing face. This means our management and governance structure has been overhauled.

The pioneer Executive Director Emma Smith (in whose name the organization was known) has now taken a backseat to provide policy direction rather than being embroiled in the operational side of the organizational running.

The founder has now joined the reformed board of directors of five eminent Liberians and foreigners, who are even committed to provide rigorous policy oversight, supporting fundraising and human and material resource management. This is sure to ensure that the vision and mission of the organization cannot be derailed by internal and external factors and lapses.

A new Executive Director, also a woman, has taken over to sustain the gender leadership vision of competing in a male dominated domain. New corps of professional staff have been hired with expertise in diverse areas, including agriculture, engineering, media development education, gender and community development.

Having learnt lessons of the past that marred our very impressive records since establishment in 2014, there is more glimmer of hope and confidence that we are a force to reckon with in the transformation of Liberia.

Beneficiaries of the Livelihood Development Center programs

May 4, 2018, marked the official launched of the Livelihood Development Center (LivDeC) held on LPMC road, Gbarnga, Bong County. The farmers expressed gratitude over the agriculture materials (shovels, hoes, watering canes, and rain gears) received from Livelihood board chairman Emma Smith as a start-up package to encourage farmers into farming activities. According to them, it is first of its kind to come to an official luncheon wine and dine thereafter taking home some farming tools which serves as a motivation to them and others.

Partners are joining to foster this initiative by Africa Rice. Dr.Jean Moreira applauded the organization and promised to give technical and material support. Ministry of Agriculture Minister Mogana Flomo embraced the idea and is willing to support the initiative going forward. Her Excellency Jewel Howard Taylor, who was to be the chief launcher, unfortunately had other pressing international engagements. Honorable Marvin Cole, Co- Launcher, pledged office equipment and other assorted items for farmers. Our new Executive Director, who is also a woman, Mrs. Aarlos Warmah, is making a follow-up and taking the lead.


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