Lack of Market Hinders Gbedin Farmers


Farmers in Gbedin in Nimba County are complaining about the lack of markets to sell their produce, which they say has been an ongoing problem over the years.
They also lack adequate farming implements that could enable them to become more productive and increase their harvests

Speaking to the Daily Observer in Gbedin Town yesterday, the chairman of the Dokodan Farmers’ Cooperative, Jefferson W. Tokpah, said they need necessary implements to enhance their productivity.

He said the farmers cultivate rice and vegetables on 164 hectares (410 acres) of land.

“We do this with two power tillers and one rice thresher. We have about 250, 000 kilograms of seed rice since December last year, but we do not have buyers. We harvest three times annually and because we do not have buyers, we are unable to produce more,” said Tokpah.

An organization called Africa Rice asked them to produce 250, 000 kilograms of seed rice, and although they produced the order, African Rice has never returned to purchase the rice, a disappointed Tokpah narrated.

According to Chairman Tokpah, there are about 97 farmers, including 37 females who are unhappy because there is no one to buy their harvests.

This reporter visited the Gbedin Camp and saw lots of farming activities going on, including farmers drying rice while others were harvesting and threshing rice.
Gbedin is where the World Food Program used to obtain clean rice for distribution to schools across Nimba County, but the rice mill provided by WFP is broken, according to the farmers.

Presently, the dam used to supply water during the dry season is also broken, causing flooding in the community when it rains heavily.

Meanwhile, the farmers are appealing to the Ministry of Agriculture and other interested wholesale rice dealers to work with them to get their stock of rice sold in order to keep them in business.


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