LAC Conduct Training for Local Rubber Farmers


The Liberian Agriculture Company (LAC) on Monday, April 7, began a two week intensive training program on Quality Tapping for Local Rubber Farmers from Grand Bassa and River Cess County.

The training is under the auspices of Grand Bassa County District 4 Representative, Robertson Siaway, and it brought together 80 participants, including male and female from the counties.

Speaking at the program, Representative Siaway said the training is intended to provide quality education for local rubber famers in the areas.

Mr. Siaway said that rubber has value in the market sector, and as such, local farmers need to be educated on how to take care of their rubber farms.

He also added that the facilitators would be teaching local farmers rules on how to do quality tapping of their trees.

According to him, “it is good to make rice farms, but for now, we need to substitute it with rubber; in doing so, we have to teach you.”

He further explained to the participants that most of them do not know how to tap rubber well; as a result, the rubber trees are dying.

However, Grand Bassa County District 4 Representative urged them to make use of the acquire knowledge from the training there be receiving.

For his part, Alfred H. Flomo, Superintendent of Liberia Rubber Processing (LRP), gave the welcoming remarks acknowledging participants for taking part in the program.

He told them that they are not there to observe but to put into practice what there are going to be learning with in the course of the two weeks.

 “What you are going to be learning here today will become part of your life skills,” he promised.

Superintended Flomo reiterated that the program is intended to help local farmers know how to take care of rubber.

Later on, one of the participants expressed their gratitude to the management of LAC and Representative Siaway for organizing the program for them.

 The participant’s representative hoped that at the end of the program they would put into practice the knowledge they acquired.

The program is expected to end next Thursday, April 17. 


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