Finn Church Aid Helps Revitalize Poultry Production in Liberia

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Finn Church Aid, an international non-governmental organization (NGO), has established chicken farms with local partner organizations in Margibi and Grand Cape Mount Counties to empower local people, mainly vulnerable women,. The aim is to raise income for the support of their families.

The communication specialist of Finn Church Aid, Ulla Tarkka, made the disclosure to the Daily Observer Newspaper over the weekend.

Creating local egg production is crucial for the independence of Liberian agricultural production. So far the supply of eggs is highly dependent on imports.

According to Tarkka, the poultry program is being managed by a local NGO called Project New Outlook (PNO) in the two counties mentioned.

She disclosed that the poultry project started in Margibi, with Finn Church Aid later deciding to extend it to other parts of the country, particularly in Grand Cape Mount County.

“PNO provides small producers with the chickens and their feed. The organization supports the egg producing communities with training, materials and channels to the market,” she revealed.

According to her, egg production of Finn Church Aid, piloted with PNO, has become a success story.

“Now, the same concept is being used in many projects both in Liberia and other countries. The Sustainable Livelihood Promoters Program (SLPP) is running a similar program of Finn Church Aid in Vonzua, Grand Cape Mount. Beneficiaries get training not only in taking care of the hens, but also in how to make a sustainable livelihood out of it. After training they can become independent egg producers. Egg production is very time-efficient. Feeding the chickens takes less than half an hour of each day. That makes it possible to combine poultry management with vegetable farming,” she said explaining the objective of the project.

Ms. Tarkka said that the results of the project over the last five years have shown that many single mothers generated more money through the production of eggs to support their families. “Egg production means a significant increase in the level of income for women who live in rural settings. Every small-scale egg producer now earns 35–50 US dollars per month. For these women selected to the program, that money really does make a difference,” she concluded.


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