Farmers Urged to Grow Market Demand Crops

Participants of the agri-business development training workshop

The general manager of the Agribusiness Enterprise Center in Fendell, Montserrado County, Richsmany Barmishile, has urged local farmers to grow crops that have competitive market demand to boost their incomes.

Mr. Barmishile made the statement recently in Fendell, when his organization conducted an agribusiness training for 25 farming groups.

The farmers were chosen from Mount Barclay, Careysburg, Bensonville and White Plains.

Barmishile told the farmers that local crops like cashew, ginger, benny-seeds, if grown can attract both domestic and export markets.

“These crops have better market potential as compared to rubber, cocoa and oil palm. We are encouraging farmers to grow them in order to make enough money to support their families,” he stated.

According to Mr. Barmishile, the workshop was organized to encourage farmers to specialize in the production of crops that have export potential.

The workshop also helped farmers understand some of the basic operational skills of agribusiness, which include bookkeeping, identifying reliable market opportunities, and understanding the specialized crop production value chain.

“These skills that we are imparting to farmers will help them gradually move on from subsistence agriculture to commercial agriculture,” he added.

He also expressed his desire to build the capacities of women farmers who are mainly into subsistence farming around the country.

“We invited many women farmers because they are the ones who are into subsistence agriculture. It will be good that women farmers get training in commercial agriculture to realize better income,” he added.

Helenah Amada of the Greenfield Cluster in Bensonville said they were thankful to the workshop organizer for increasing their understanding of agribusiness.

“The workshop has helped us understand the importance of recordkeeping and seeking better market opportunities in the various value chains,” she said.

The Agribusiness Enterprise Service Center is involved in training farmers in managerial and other agribusiness skills across the country.


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