Deaf Farmers Appeal for Training

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The farmers are engaged in vegetable, cassava, poultry and livestock production. They operate under the Deaf Agricultural Development Corporation (DADC).

In an interview with the Executive Director, Charles Saypahn, recently in Mango Town, Lower Montserrado, he said the project site was created to help the deaf because they were discriminated against as people with disability.

“Our mission as deaf agricultural and development farm project is to promote sustainable agriculture for food security, income generation and self-employment opportunities for our beneficiaries that include people with disabilities,” he said through an interpreter.

He explained that they do this to feed themselves and provide education for their children. The farmers’ preference for vegetable and livestock production is based upon their assessment that these products bring in fast money.

The group through its leader expressed the need for advance training in agriculture to enable them to improve their produce.

Mr. Saypahn said with more training, the objective of their organization will be achieved.

“We need training for our people because it will educate them on how to improve their food production,” he said.

He stressed that if the capacities of these farmers are well built, it will provide them the platform to work very hard and make a life for themselves.

“When we sell our produce, we give US$20 to our farmers every weekend for their upkeep.”

He praised Chevron Liberia for the high level of support it is providing them and called on other partners like USAIDFED, IBEX, WAAPP, Ministry of Agriculture and others to help them.


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