Community Turns Mangrove Swamps into Money Bank

Initiative visionary Fubbi Henries

Residents of Fedrick’s Island in New Matadi, Monrovia are transforming mangrove swamps into sources of income by introducing “cage aquaculture.”

Mangrove swamps are home to a variety of fish, crab, shrimp and other species; and they serve as an important source of food and income generation.

However, mangrove swamps in Liberia suffer from high volumes of waste including plastic bags and bottles, human feces and other substances that affect mangrove species.

But despite the misuse of mangrove swamps, Fubbi Henries, a resident of the Matadi community in Monrovia is working with low income community members to make mangrove swamps a source of income.

Through his agro program, Henries has introduced “cage aquaculture” as an income generating opportunity for Fredrick’s Island residents in New Matadi.


A view of some of the cages

“Cage farming is a form of aquaculture practiced in Asia and other parts of the world,” Henries told the Daily Observer. “This aquaculture farming helps farmers spend less and gain more. It has the potential to increase farmers’ incomes throughout the year.

“We have built seven cages purposely to test this system and if fishes are reared without high mortality percentage, we will increase the cages on the island. We will also replicate this form of aquaculture in other communities around the country.”

Henries disclosed that the program costs US$25,000, saying it is meant to alleviate communities from food insecurity and create employment for community members.

He added that the program will officially be launched after the testing period.

“We are committed to looking for opportunities to improve the lives of people in many communities as we obtain the available resources.”

Ben Fredrick, chairman of Fredrick’s Island, said that the program will start full operation after the testing stage, and will benefit mostly youth and women.


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