Coconut-Ginger Chips Producer Pleads for Support


Producer of ginger mixed coconut chips, Martha Wuo, is calling on nongovernmental organizations to provide her support to enable her produce more of the consumable commodity.

Madam Wuo began her production in 2014 in Gbarnga, Bong County and the commodity is the first of its kind which is gaining popularity in the country.

She said, “I use local materials to grind the coconut and it is time consuming.”

She noted that materials like grater, hammer mill, dryer, and sifters are what she would need to increase production.

“I want to produce more of the commodity, but I do not have the money to buy these equipments and that’s why I am appealing to non-governmental organizations to help me in this venture,” she said.

Madam Wuo said they are now four in the business and she believes that if they are empowered, they would have more people joining them.

She said she learned her trade when she was in school in Ghana and later in the Ivory Coast.

She disclosed that what prompted her to do the business is because she noticed that majority Liberians chew coconut but don’t swallow the fruit which she said is very helpful to the human body.

“Coconut and ginger are very helpful to the body in terms of fever, cold. I don’t want what I’ve learned to be buried in the ground so I must empower others and make a living from it,” Madam Wuo said.

She said her products are accepted with a growing number of customers and is hopeful that with support she could make her country proud.

The local producer however encouraged Liberians to promote products made in the country to encourage other business owners to showcase their products.

She disclosed that her next target is to bring the product to Monrovia and other counties. Coconut locally can be grinded and mixed with flour to fix fried or roasted cookies.

The new initiated by Madam Wuo, however, takes into consideration grinding the coconut and then mixing it with ginger, sugar and patched into crispy chips.

The chips are bottled for sale for LD$100.00.


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