AIIC to Begin Mechanized Farming Support Project

Flashback: AIIC members using a tractor once donated by the MOA to plow their fields.

The Agriculture Infrastructures Investment Corporation (AIIC), based in Quaduboni district, Lofa County will tomorrow begin a project in Monrovia that aims to raise funds to enhance mechanized agriculture in Lofa County.

The head of AIIC, Mohammed Kamara, told the Daily Observer on Wednesday that Agriculture Minister Moses Zinnah is expected to launch the project, while the National Investment Commission boss, George Wisner, will serve as key note speaker.

According to Kamara, they are expected to raise at least US$188,788 that will be used to purchase tractors, power tillers and other mechanized equipment.

“Considering the need to make Liberia self-sufficient in food, we have deemed it necessary to start a project that will help us introduce mechanized farming in our county. We are looking forward to raising money that will get us to move forward with the production of food,” he stated. We expect to carry out the formal launch of our support to mechanized farming the 19th of May in Foyah District.

AIIC specializes in rice production and processing in Lofa County, buying paddy rice from farmers, processing it, and then supplying it to the World Food Program and the Government of Liberia.

The organization’s facility has a processing capacity to produce 2 metric tons of rice a day. With support from the Liberia Agri-business Development Activity (LADA), AIIC is to shortly benefit from an industrial rice mill to produce 10 metric tons of rice a day.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kamara has lauded the USAID Mission in Liberia for its support to the AIIC.


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