A Call for Animal Justice


This is a call for animal justice, where the victims cannot speak nor plead for themselves, but it is a moral obligation to seek what is freely given to all living things. Our Good Lord provided a place called earth where He made homo sapiens the rulers, now if this can happen to those creatures that cannot defend nor provide for themselves, especially when they have been completely removed from their natural environment for over a decade to be used to improve the livelihood of another species, then something is terribly wrong with that society.

Let us look at a summary of chimpanzee natural history, their conservation and welfare, and key considerations surrounding chimpanzee.

Appropriate sanctuaries provide for the welfare of individual chimpanzee residents, play an important role in chimpanzee conservation, and benefit the local community economically, socially, and environmentally.

There are four types of great apes in addition to humans: gorillas (native to Africa), bonobos (Africa), orangutans (SE Asia), and chimpanzees (Africa). The difference between great apes and lesser apes is general size. There are two types of smaller apes: gibbons (SE Asia) and siamangs (SE Asia).

People often confuse apes and monkeys. There are a number of differences between apes and monkeys: apes have a longer lifespan, larger body size, larger brain-to-body size ratio, and higher intelligence.

Significantly, monkeys have tails and like humans, apes (gorillas, bonobos, orangutans, chimps, and the smaller apes: gibbons and siamangs) do not have tails.

Note: Mr. Peal is the founder of the Society for the Conservation of Nature in Liberia


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