55,000 Farmers to Receive Agricultural Inputs

Agriculture minister designate, Seklau Wiles

The Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) has disclosed the distribution of agricultural inputs to at least 55,000 smallholder farmers across the country.

The MOA made the disclosure during the recent budget hearing at the National Legislature in Monrovia.

According to the acting director of the Project Management Unit at the MOA, William Kawalawu, the MOA intends to create an enabling environment for farmers to improve productivity and enhance food security.

He said the agricultural inputs will include fertilizers, improved rice seeds, and cassava cuttings.

Mr. Kawalawu told lawmakers that farmers who will receive the inputs will make a small cash contribution.

It can be recalled that in 2016, the MOA carried out the registration process of smallholder farmers in the fifteen counties with the objective of empowering them to increase productivity in the agriculture sector. At least 321,000 farmers were registered from across the country.

He stated that the inputs are being distributed by the “Agro-dealers Network of Liberia” in the various counties.

“The MOA intends to empower the private sector that is why the agro-dealers network is being charged with the responsibility to distribute the inputs to farmers. The cash contributions by the farmers are meant to empower the agro-dealers,” he mentioned.


  1. It is important that the Ministry of Agriculture list whom were given and from which Counties
    and Territories. It is indeed inadequate untransparent for the Minister to just say we have
    distributed that or this amount of inputs without listing whom was given and from which
    locations in the country.

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