52 Get Certificates in Rubber Tapping

Participants pose with their certific_web.jpg

Fifty two rubber farmers were on Tuesday, April 22, certificated after they completed a two-weeks of “intensive training” in quality rubber tapping in Buchannan, Grand Bassa County.

The training was organized by the Liberian Agriculture Company (LAC), and sponsored by Representative Robertson N. Siaway of the county’s Electoral District #5.

The training, which started on April 7, brought together local rubber farmers from Grand Bassa and Rivercess Counties. It was intended to build the capacity of local rubber farmers so they could improve their methods of tapping and manage their own farms.

At the end of the training, Representative Siaway urged citizens of the district to invest in the rubber sector in order to become self-sustainable in the area.

The Grand Bassa lawmaker told the participants that investing in the rubber sector would allow farming in the country to become viable and sustainable.

According to him, rubber has value in the markets, and as such, local farmers need to be educated on how to take care of their rubber farms.

He said most rubber farmers have destroyed their farms, and because of that, there was a need for farmers to further their education on how to properly tap the trees to avoid damaging them.

In the mind of the Grand Bassa lawmaker, it was good to make rice farms, “but in the absence of that, community dwellers should start farming rubber,” which he said is long lasting.

Senior Senator for Grand Bassa County, Gbehzohngar Findley, for his part, lauded Representative Siaway for his farsightedness in organizing the training program to build the capacities of local farmers in the district.

Senator Findley described the initiative as one in the right direction and challenged the participants to work with renewed vision and dynamism in order for them to become successful rubber tappers.

He used the occasion to encourage Liberians to invest in the soil. Senator Findley described the soil as a bank, saying whoever deposited in it, would reap the benefits in the end.

Mr. Niveen, LAC’s Assistant plantation manager, who proxied on behalf of the general manager, praised the lawmaker for sponsoring a program allowing local farmers to benefit from lessons introduced to them by their various facilitators.

Mr. Niveen then expressed optimism about the training, which he said would make an impact on the career of local rubber tappers.

The 52 participants later expressed their gratitude to Representative Siaway and the management of LAC for the training opportunity.

They believed that the training would help buttress their efforts as they pursue their careers in rubber farming.


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