ACBC Donates US$1.4M Medical Items to Health Ministry


The African & Caribbean Business Council (ACBC) has donated over one million dollars worth of assorted medical items to the Ministry of Health.

Officers of the ACBC, which is a Pennsylvania State non-profit corporation, headquartered in Philadelphia, donated the six 40-foot containers of medical items valued at US$1.4 million, Monday, March 23.

Speaking to journalists after presenting two of the containers to the Liberian government, through the Ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs, Ms. Christine Maycole, a US-based Liberian and a staff of ACBC, said it is part of her responsibility to help rebuild her country’s broken health and education sectors.

Ms. Maycole was one of the pushers behind the medical supplies coming to Liberia, as the nation now battles the deadly Ebola virus. 

According to her, it is because of this passion and love of her country that has caused her to return to Liberia to help.

“I am passionate about my country that is why I cannot just sit abroad and do nothing when my country is in need,” Ms. Maycole added.

She stated that she was in Liberia when the Ebola broke out. “I came back in December with my team and I am back again. Our company wants to uplift the lives of the Liberian people. We are looking at educational opportunities, rebuilding the health sector and looking for ways to bring the next generation to another level.”

In the containers are 2.5 million syringes, gloves, and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to help health workers, she disclosed.

Ms. Maycole said maybe the items might not be used right now in the ongoing Ebola fight, but they are essentials in the health sector and in combating other diseases.

Liberia currently has only a single case of confirmed Ebola virus disease and that person is being treated at the “best” Ebola treatment unit (ETU) in the country.

The ACBC has also been working in bringing renewable energy to Liberia.

Speaking earlier, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Elias Shoninyan, said the donation, containing 2.5 million syringes and others, would still continue to be at health facilities even after the Ebola crisis.

“I just want to say to the African & Caribbean Business Council that the Government of Liberia truly appreciates the gesture,” Acting Min. Shoninyan said.

He further stated that by the ACBC’s donation, they have just signed themselves to a “very long rewarding partnership with the Government and people of Liberia.”

Deputy Minister for Administration at the Health Ministry, Mr. Matthew Flomo also stated that the Ministry was “overjoyed” to receive the six 40-foot containers of medical items. “We know that ACBC is here to help us.”

Dep. Min. Flomo assured the ACBC team that as the country gradually moves toward the restoration of basic health service initiatives, the donated items would be used to help strengthen the health sector.

Also speaking, Dr. Saye Dahn Bawo, Assistant Health Minister for Curative Services, stated that there was no better time for the donation to come to Liberia other than now.

ACBC’s donation comes two days after the Incident Management System (IMS), which manages the nation’s Ebola crisis, announced that a new, confirmed Ebola case has resurfaced in Liberia. The news of the new case emerged after the country had gone nearly 30 days without a confirmed case.

“The donation is timely; we need syringes, gloves even more. We want to make sure that no health worker dies again in any of our health facilities,” Dr. Bawo added.

He disclosed that as the nation endeavors to build a “resilient post-Ebola health sector,” the donated items would reach every public health facility in the country.

Also speaking, Monrovia City Mayor Clara Doe Mvogo, another Liberian involved in talks that brought the containers to Liberia, said “We have held our breath waiting for the containers to come. Now they are here.”

She added: “This is our fight, all of us. We need to use these items for the benefit of the people of Liberia.” 

The African & Caribbean Business Council (ACBC), a Pennsylvania Non-Profit Corporation headquartered in Philadelphia, was founded in 2006 with the mission of promoting and preserving the business interests of African and Caribbean entrepreneurs in the Greater Philadelphia area while bridging the cultural divide between member countries and the larger community through education and the encouragement of mutual tolerance.

ACBC's objective is to empower all African and Caribbean businesses and professionals through education, business promotions and workshops, marketing, trade, and investment and finance. ACBC's signature programs include International Business Workshops, Trade and Finance Forums and Winter Award Dinners.

The ACBC Winter Award is presented to individuals who have displayed long-term excellence in their areas of expertise. The awards program was established to recognize significant contributions by individuals, groups and businesses to the African and Caribbean Communities. Our award recipients represent the very best qualities of what it means to be a leader. Through their service they have not only added value to their communities, but have also made significant contributions to the development of the City of Philadelphia and the United States at large.


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