5 Ebola Cases Left in Liberia


The Head of the Incident Management Team (IMT), Tolbert Nyenswah, has announced that there are only five remaining cases of Ebola in the country, indicating that it was close to eradicating the deadly virus from Liberia.  The Ebola virus epidemic left thousands dead beginning March 2014.

In a mobile dialogue with Minister Nyenswah yesterday, he confirmed that, “Two patients are at the Defense ETU in Monrovia, one is at Island ETU in Monrovia and the remaining two are in Bomi and Grand Cape Mount, adding that, “the one in Bomi came from Cape Mount.”

Minister Nyenswah stated that the government continues to work to ensure that Liberia is freed of the deadly Ebola virus evidenced by the diminishing cases: three remaining cases in the capital Monrovia while the others were in the northwestern counties of Bomi and Grand Cape Mount for now.

Nyenswah said the five remaining cases included a woman who died last week and may have been in contact with 25 people in the Paynesville area of Monrovia, all of whom have been placed in quarantine for the period of 21 days.

According to him, "It means that we are going down to zero case if everything goes well, if other people don't get sick in other places. We are fighting to ensure that all possible efforts are made to contain the epidemic and be announced Ebola free by WHO."

At the height of the epidemic in August and September, Liberia was reporting more than 300 new cases a week and overwhelmed aid workers had to turn people away from clinics, often to die in the streets due to fears of contracting the epidemic.

The worst outbreak of the virus in history has seen the Liberia and its neighbours Guinea and Sierra Leone register almost 9,000 deaths in a year, although experts believe the real toll could be far higher.

According to Nyenswah, a huge international and local response have seen hundreds of US healthcare workers and troops flood into the country to train nurses and set up Ebola units, and as a result the country reported just eight new cases last week.

The Government of Liberia has recognized significant progress in beating back Ebola but warned on Friday that the crisis of the virus remains challenging, adding the one case is still an epidemic and the government will continue in making sure that Liberia is free of Ebola.

Mr. Nyenswah, told the French News Agency on Saturday that Liberia has five confirmed Ebola cases as of last week and the constancy of fighting the virus remains the same until Ebola is eradicated from Liberia.

Recently the government announced that 13 counties have reported Ebola free for the past 21 days but named Cape Mount and Montserrado as the areas reporting new cases of the epidemic.


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