Club Breweries Wants Number of Teams Increased in Liberian Leagues

Liberia’s 1st division league champions LPRC Oilers celebrate their Super Cup triumph .  

Monrovia Club Breweries has proposed an increase in the number of teams in various divisions of the Orange National League.

The club wants the number of first division teams increased from 12 to 14; Second Division, 14 to 16 and Women's Upper Division, 10 to 12.

The objective of the proposal is to “improve competition between clubs and encourage the increase in matches to develop talents and fitness level.” When approved by Congress on April 18, the Executive Committee will eventually decide on how many teams will be relegated from and promoted to the various leagues.

This is also part of plans to ensure that Liberian teams are on par with their counterparts when participating in international competitions.  Making football competitive across the globe remains one of the many priorities of the world football governing body, FIFA, and the vision of FIFA president Gianni Infantino.

“Making the sport global means raising the game in every corner of the planet so that there are at least 50 national teams and 50 clubs across the confederations with a genuine chance of becoming world champions. It’s what the sport needs and what the world wants to see,” President Infantino said when FIFA launched the 2020 Global Competitive Balance Report.

At the just-ended FIFA 72nd Congress in Doha, Qatar, Infantino reiterated FIFA’s commitment to developing football, and increasing global competitiveness of the game.