Chief Imam Blasts Government

Chief Kreyee said, “that time the ballot boxes will mean nothing to the people because they will see them as a mockery to vote for people who do not value them and refuse to perform their oversight, representation, and lawmaking duty and that revolution will be dangerous.”

Sheikh Ali Krayee, Chief Imam of the Republic of Liberia, on Tuesday, July 20, 2021, called out the members of the 54th Legislature for what he described as their “failure” to work in the interest of the electorate.   

Chief Krayee in his Eid Khutbah (Abraham’s Day) message delivered at a local Mosque in Monrovia under the theme, “A Day of Sacrifice in a Bleeding Nation,” said the country’s leadership has failed miserably because the Legislature refused to perform its oversight responsibility. 

“When you behave the way you do on Capitol Hill by distributing public wealth among yourselves while the poor look on, you are not just provoking Kleptocracy but revolution. Because, the time will come when the masses will not take it anymore but will ignore all the institutions set up and the channels of governance, and they will overturn the system,” the Imam said.

“That time,” he continued, “the ballot boxes will mean nothing to the people because they will see them as mockery to vote for people who do not value them and refuse to perform their oversight, representation, and lawmaking duties, and that revolution will be dangerous.”

The Chief Imam reminded the Legislature that they are not implementing partners to the Executive and, as such, they should not prove to the citizens that the august body is “useless.”

Imam Krayee said while the citizens are hungry and angry, the Legislature is distributing the country’s resources among themselves, leaving the education and health sectors in a deplorable state.

“Look at the MCSS and the education system today.  They do not have chalk in the classes, but the Legislature is distributing millions of dollars among themselves, claiming to be the people's representatives. This nation is bleeding and still moving in the 1847 mentality while boasting every time of being Africa’s oldest state,” he said with disappointment.

The Chief Imam Kreyee added that because the country’s leaders refuse to improve the health sectors, they seek medical attention in Ghana when they are sick.

According to him, the COVID-19 pandemic came to teach many lessons, including humility and love for one another.

He said during the second outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, things got difficult and scary, at which time people expected the government to come up with harsh measures. However, they could not, simply because they failed during the first lockdown.

“The people are yet to understand how the first stimulus package was distributed and the international community will not send any support to this government who cannot account for the first distribution of the stimulus package,” Imam Krayee said.

“We have to be serious if we want people to take us seriously, and that should start with our government and religious leaders as we pray for transformation. It’s time we stopped playing games with the devil.”

Chief Imam Kreyee said as Muslims kill those animals as sacrifices, it is required of them to also kill their egos and the desire to put ahead what is in the interest of humanity.

He urged Muslims to follow the footsteps of Abraham who obeyed Allah's commandment to slaughter his only son, just to prove that he was always ready to submit to God's will. 

“Because of Abraham's commitment, he passed all of the tests that Allah gave him and, because of that, he became a spiritual leader for humanity. Some of us fail the simple tests of life; we cannot take care of the orphans and even give to the poor,” Chief Kreyee said. 

Eid al-Adha is celebrated by millions worldwide as an Islamic religious festival, commemorating Abraham's faithfulness to God after being tested with the unfulfilled command to sacrifice his son. The day also marks the end of the annual Hajj pilgrimage.