“Channel Your Efforts in a Unified Fashion”

Liberian born Mayor of Helena, Montana, Wilmot Collins

Liberian Born Mayor Wilmot Collins Challenges Liberian Diaspora Groups

Silver Spring Maryland USA -- Diaspora Liberians have been urged to forge a united approach, despite their various interests to address the increasing problems in their homeland. 

The call was made by the Liberian born Mayor of Helena, Montana, Wilmot Collins, in a keynote address delivered at the official Liberian Independence Day Dinner Ceremony held over the weekend in Silver Spring, Maryland near Washington DC. The event organized by the Liberian Community Association of the Washington DC Metro area came at the conclusion of a week of celebration of Liberia’s 174th Independence Anniversary. 

In a powerful address delivered to hundreds of Liberian immigrants, and guests from various parts of the US, the Mayor underscored the tremendous passion demonstrated by Liberians abroad for their homeland through the works of several organizations. He further lauded the many sacrifices of individual Liberians abroad noting, “your love for your country has been shown in many ways” as he made reference to the annual contribution of over $500 million by Diaspora through wire transfers to Liberia at the height of the Liberian civil conflict. While commending their efforts he warned that these various efforts will go much further with greater unity, adding “it’s time that you channel your efforts in a united fashion for better results.”  

He went further to urge Liberians in the US to become more involved in the affairs of their local communities in the American society and thereby utilize what he described as “the biggest platform in the world” to benefit various Liberian causes.  

The Mayor noted the resilience of Liberians despite adversity enduring tremendous pain brought by corruption and greed. He then praised Liberians at home and abroad for their continued “love of country” shown in the celebration of 174 years of independence. 

In earlier remarks, the Liberian Ambassador to the United States, George S.W. Patten called on Liberians in the US to remain united and patriotic in order to better address the challenges facing their nation. He urged Diaspora Liberians to see the need to invest in their country and not leave the opening for others to benefit from the vast resources in their country.

For her part, Liberian Community President Welma Mashinini Redd expressed great pleasure in the unity demonstrated by various Liberian organizations to unite as a community to celebrate their nation and seek resources to benefit their motherland. She stressed the need for a consolidated effort to help the health needs of Liberia in the midst of a deadly COVID pandemic.