Cassell Warns Liberians Against Vote-Buyers

Dr. Daniel Cassell of the People’s Liberation Party.

Dr. Daniel Cassell of the People’s Liberation Party has warned Liberians against “recycled and failed politicians” who take loans from commercial banks to win their minds during the electioneering period.”

The PLP political leaders noted that it is time Liberians realized that politicians who used loans to buy rice and other materials to buy electorates are only after seeking their own interest and not that of the country.

Dr. Cassell added when elected these types of politicians are elected, they forget those who elected them instead focus on repaying loans and improving their respective family living conditions. He then called to follow and thoroughly scrutinize the track records of those vying for elected offices before making a determination for the sake of their children’s future.

However, with his party, the goal is to equitable distribute the wealth of the across to believe the center, which will lead to a greater impact on their lives and the economy.

“Under the PLP administration, we are going to impact the lives of our people and none will not be left behind,” Dr. Cassell said. “The PLP is against the inequitable distribution of the country’s wealth that why our government will be for the people and by the people. “We will make PLP different. The reason why PLP will fulfill those promises is that PLP is doing these things now.”

Dr. Cassell made these comments when he inducted into offices the local leadership of the PLP headed by Morris Johnson in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

Dr. Cassell called on citizens to join the “liberation train” as he strives to ensure the best for those who have been marginalized, stigmatized, downplayed and neglected in their own country. He vowed to be the “voice for the voiceless” in the Liberian society regardless of any circumstances or conditions. He maintained that he will continue to advocate for less fortunate Liberians in a bid to ensure that their plights are addressed and their voices are heard.

“We are here to encourage you to join the liberation train. This train is here for the poor, disabled, market women, motorcyclists, for our people who they call good for nothing and all the less fortunate. I am the friend of the poor and the strength for the weak. I will not let you down,” he added.

Dr. Cassell pointed out that his decision to contest the highest seat in Liberia is to fight and ensure that the Liberian people, especially less fortunate Liberians benefit their equal share of the country’s wealth and resources. According to him, most Liberians are left in a state of uncertainty, with nowhere to go or turn, but he has come to give hope to the hopeless citizens with a call on them to join the “liberation train.”

“This is the time for us to join this train because we are ready to serve our people,” he added. “We have to be open participants on the liberation train because our children will judge us.” Dr. Cassell maintained that the days are nearing where failed and recycled politicians will be retired from public service and Liberians will again enjoy the benefits of their country’s resources. 

Meanwhile, in Bong County, Dr. Cassell has given L$1.5 million to residents of the Salala district for empowerment. Out of the total money, the amount of L$500,000 each was committed as interest-free loans to marketers, and vocational and technical skills training education for less fortunate youths in the area. About L$250,000 each was also committed to traditional leaders and medical services.