CAF Launches Continental Club Licensing Seminar in Cairo

Participants from the 54 member associations of CAF, along with officials from CAF, FIFA, and other Confederations at the seminar in Egypt  

Club Licensing is a key element in promoting the professionalization of football all over the world, according to FIFA. “The system uses principles-based criteria and sets minimum standards that clubs must satisfy in order to be licensed and, consequently, be able to participate in a given competition.”

Amidst the difficulties associated with getting the club licensing regulations implemented across the globe, especially in Africa, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) continues to take up the responsibility to ensure that all of its 54 member associations implement the club licensing procedure in order to promote and improve the quality and the level of all football aspects in Africa.

The continental football governing body on Wednesday, July 27, kicked off the third edition of its annual Club Licensing continental seminar in Cairo, Egypt, which runs from July 27-29.

The seminar is being attended by the 54 CAF Member Associations, FIFA and sister confederation representatives, FIFPRO Africa, Club Licensing Instructors, and Leagues representatives from around the continent.

Liberia is being represented by the Liberia Football Association’s Club Licensing Manager, Mohammed A. Sheriff.  

The seminar is being held at a time when a majority of the Leagues around the African continent are preparing for the start of a new league season.

“The CAF Annual Club Licensing Continental Seminar 2022 provides a platform for Member Associations, CAF, FIFA, sister Confederations, and various stakeholders groups to convene and share club licensing best practices, implementation methods, success stories, and challenges,” CAF said.

This first day of the seminar was driven by the newly-formed CAF Professional Football Department, which focused on the regulatory framework of the CAF Club Licensing, the launch of the CAF Club Licensing Online Platform (CLOP), and a Training Session on CAF Club Licensing Online Platform (CLOP) - Analyticom.

Day two was followed by a roundtable discussion on Club Licensing by experts from FIFA and other football confederations, Club Licensing External audit, and spot checks, and professional football and club licensing breakout session organized by CAF.

In Liberia, the club licensing regulation came into effect during the 2019/20 league season after the football association reached a decision to transition from paper to an electronic system.

Member clubs have been forced to meet up the minimum club licensing requirements before participating in the various leagues.

The objectives of the continental seminar as outlined by CAF:

· Present the new regulatory framework for the CAF Club Licensing System for men and women;

· Launch the CAF Club Licensing Online Platform (CLOP);

· Conduct training for the CAF Club Licensing Online Platform (CLOP);

· Receive a full update on the situation of the club licensing system from the MAs;

· Ensure that the MAs are ready to communicate licensing decisions by the set deadline for engagement of clubs in CAF IC Competitions (Men’s and Women’s);

· Exchange knowledge and expertise with the FIFA and sister confederations on club licensing;

· Present the new regulatory framework for stadiums; and

· Focus on stadium compliance for CAF competitions and cover the stadium inspection procedures.