Yokohama City to Invest in Africa

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The City of Yokohama, where the decision was made to host the International Conference on Africa Development’s 6th Summit (TICAD-VI) in Nairobi, Kenya, says it has received assurance from several companies operating in the municipality of their interest to invest in Africa.

Mr. Makoto Sekiyama, Director General of International Affairs Bureau at the City of Yokohama, disclosed that Hinoda Sangyo, a water treatment technology company, is interested in investing in Africa.

TICAD-VI is expected to be held from August 27 to 28, 2016, in Nairobi, Kenya.

Sekiyama, who spoke for the Mayor of Yokohama, Mrs. Fumiko Hayashi, said his boss will be attending the forum as one of the delegates from the municipality. He expressed his municipality’s commitment on Monday, July 11, when a group of African journalists visited the area.

The Yokohama municipality has hosted two of the five summits, including TICAD V, which adopted two outcome documents, namely, “Yokohama Declaration 2013,” presenting a future direction for African development, and “Yokohama Action Plan 2013–2017,” a roadmap for the TICAD process over the next five years.

“Our companies would attend the conference to directly hold discussions with executives of African countries, and so they should take advantage of this opportunity,” Sekiyama emphasized.

He said because the companies did not know which area to cooperate with African companies, their representatives will attend the summit to seize any other partnership agreement.

He was quick to point out that they agreed to hold the two conferences in Africa due to the long standing relationship that exists between Yokohama and Africa.

“This conference is an opportunity to improve the socioeconomic development of Africa,” he added

As for the empowerment of women, Sekiyama said the issue was part of the discussion of TICAD-V, which, according to him, addressed women entrepreneurship.

“The only thing they can do for themselves is to attend the summit; and we are going to finalize our discussion there,” he said.

Several other issues that would top the conference include a decline of commodity prices; the vulnerability of health systems; the rise of violence, extremism, terroristic attacks and violent conflicts; human resource development; and public-private partnerships.

Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan. With its population of about 3.7 million, it is the most populous municipality in Japan, and is the capital city of Kanagawa Prefecture. It lies on Tokyo Bay, south of Tokyo, in the Kanto region of the main island of Honshu.

It is a major commercial hub of the Greater Tokyo Area and developed rapidly to be Japan’s prominent port city, following the end of Japan’s relative isolation in the mid 19th century. It is today one of Japan’s major ports along with Kobe, Osaka, Nagoya, Hakata, Tokyo and Chiba.

Yokohama is also a popular tourist destination and convention site where many people from Japan and overseas visit and interact.

Bridgestone Corp; Hitachi, Ltd; IHI Corp; JGC Corp; JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corp; Kyocera Corp; Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd; Mitsubishi Rayon Co Ltd; Nissan Motor Co Ltd; NHK Spring Co. Ltd; Nomura Research Institute Ltd; Ricoh Co. Ltd; Rohm Co. Ltd; Toshiba Corp; JVC
Kenwood Corp are some of the companies with a corporate presence in the area. Its foreign affiliated companies include Accenture Japan Ltd; Bosch Corp; Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd; Lenovo (Japan) Ltd; and TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd.


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