Yekepa Marketers Raise Concern Over Market Building


Marketers in Yekepa are said to be concerned over the continue dilapidation of the market building over 10 years since the civil war in Liberia came to an end.

Speaking to the Daily Observer in Yekepa, the head of the marketers in Yekepa Mary Bangura said all efforts had applied, appealing to Mittal to renovate the market to no avail.

She said, they really embraced the coming of Mittal to take over the concession, but to their out most surprise, the company doesn’t care to listen to their plights and the market condition to deteriorate; especially when there is storm of rain.

Areas “H and P” are the busiest market areas where everything business activities are taking place daily. It is where vegetable and others goods can be found.

“We had tried all our best to convince Mittal to build/renovate our market by visiting the offices regularly, but all our efforts were wasted with nobody wailing to pay attention to us,” She said.

Mrs Bangura said, despite the dilapidation of the market followed by other constrains they continue to pay their taxes correctly.

The “P” market was built by former LAMCO, the first concession company that opened Mount Nimba in the early 60s. It still remains the main business district in Yekepa where store, shop and all other commercial activities are taking place.

But, the main market structure is now dilapidated leaving pitit traders to have petitioned it for among themselves.

For their part, the management of Mittal said plan is on the way to have the entire renovated, but could not give the actual date/time.

Through the PRO Jerry Mwagbe, they said at no time the marketers ever visited the company and the company didn’t show them face and he also added that due to the encroachment of the ground by many petit traders, the company is conducting feasibility study to see how to relocated the occupants before the renovation.

Mittal has built several small places around affected communities in Nimba to boast the local socio – economic capacities, but the delay in the renovation the main market in Yekepa remain the concern among many citizens/residents.

However, one of the marketers, Musu Dalaken is calling on the government to reopen the border so as to enable them reestablish their lives since Ebola was out.

As the border post with Guinea continue to remain closed, economic condition in most of the bordering towns continue to be bad leaving most traders to secretly cross over to Guinea for their goods.

Recently, two Liberians died and several others seriously wounded of car accident between Masanta and Nzerekore in Guinea while returning from Conakry with goods.

The Liberians, a man and woman bodies were brought into Liberia through Ganta Port of Entry after family members appealed to the Ministry of Justice through County Attorney to allow their relatives bodies retrieved.


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