Woman Enjoys Serving ‘Lunch’ on Her Lap


The harsh economic realities in the country, particularly for city dwellers, are introducing new methods to improve their livelihood.

One of the newest methods is women who are seen in the city with huge tubs of bread, roaming the city and other business centers where workers take their lunch, prepared right on their laps.

“I sell to customers wherever I come in contact with them,” the lady, (above photo) who gave her name only as Famatta told the Daily Observer last week.

  She said she is happy for her business that she recently began with just L$500 (US$5.88 at present exchange rate); from which she takes home at least L$700 a day.

She travels throughout the city with two large plastic buckets, one of which she uses as a chair, when a customer requests to be served.

With a smile, she places the large tub with at least two different prices of bread on her lap. After the customer makes their selection, she opens the bread with a knife, adds butter for free (mayonnaise demands extra cost), and— per the customer’s decision— peels either one or two boiled eggs. She then cuts the eggs and arranges the pieces inside the bread.

“It takes me little time to complete a customer’s order,” she told the Daily Observer.

 Famatta, who is in her late 20s, said she has two children; a boy and a girl and she resides in West Point, a big slum community, near Monrovia.

“I am not married,” she said with a smile, “but I have my children’s father.”

She said raising children, especially catering to their education, is very challenging, “I’ve got to do what I need to do for myself and my family.”

She told the Daily Observer that so far it has been a good business, since it provides her with daily sustenance.

“I’m thankful to God,” she said, “that He (God) gives me the strength to work for myself.”


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