Weah’s Pro Liberian Business Stance Excites LIBA

LIBA Secretary General Leelai Kpukuyou: "We as Liberian business people must be ready to develop and demonstrate the right attitude towards business."

The Liberian Business Association (LIBA) says it is excited by pronouncements by President George Weah during his inaugural address urging Liberians to see themselves as players and not as spectators in the economy.

In his inaugural address on Jan. 22, President Weah said his government will prioritize the interests of Liberian-owned businesses and offer programs to help them become more competitive. “As we open our doors to all foreign direct investments, we will not permit Liberian-owned businesses to be marginalized. We cannot remain spectators in our own economy,” he stressed.

A statement from LIBA said “As the apex body established by an Act of the Liberian Legislature in 1993, to work with Government and act as a catalyst for the development of widespread Liberian-owned business sector, as well as to work with international institutions and governments in helping to identify serious and credible Liberian entrepreneurs who may need to benefit from certain programs to develop their capacity, LIBA stands ready to intensify constructive engagement with the Government to ensure this is actualized.”

According to LIBA, the Government is ready to offer the relevant programs; so Liberian business should cultivate the proper attitude to business development, be committed to providing quality goods and services and be committed to paying lawful taxes.

In the past few months, LIBA has taken proactive steps in her engagements with Government, which resulted to the signing Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Liberian Revenue Authority. The MOU, signed on August 10, 2017 aims to strengthen cooperation in the promotion of small business administration law and enforcement of investment code law and regulation.

At the signing ceremony, then Minister of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Axel M. Addy, said the signing of the MOU will help promote opportunities nationwide and build the capacity of the Liberian people to take advantage of their right to benefit from the 25% public procurement provision introduced by the Sirleaf administration.

According to the LIBA statement, “The provisions in these instruments place LIBA in the position to jointly develop action plans and activities with these government institutions that will serve the best interest of Liberian-owned businesses. We are therefore grateful for the opportunity afforded by this Government to prioritize the interest of Liberian-owned businesses.

“Considering where we come from, LIBA is aware of the challenges in making Liberian owned businesses more competitive, but it is very possible if we all make deliberate efforts to achieve this objective.”


  1. Love thyself! Support your “LIBERIAN OWNED BUSINESS”. Our Liberian[owned] businesses, should also commit to customers’ SATISFACTIONS. A satisfied CUSTOMER is the most IMPORTANT asset to any business. Many Thanks; to our visionary President, Hon. G.M.Weah. Kind Regards! [email protected]

  2. Love thyself! Support your LIBERIAN- OWN businesses. Our Liberian[owned] businesses should however commit to customers’ SATISFACTIONS. A satisfied CUSTOMER is the most IMPORTANT asset to any business. Many Thanks! to our Visionary President, Hon.G. M. Weah. Kind Regards!


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