‘We Can Supply the Liberian Market with Toiletries’


The Concern Liberian International Business Organization (COLINBO) said that they are capable of supplying the Liberian market with toiletries and related products, adding that “there is no need to import any of such in the country.”

Accordingly, COLINBO called on the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to place a moratorium on importing such goods for the Liberian market.

The organization said that a moratorium will further President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s call for the growth and development of Liberian owned businesses.

In a press release, COLINBO said it is making the call because there is a local industry with the capacity, equipment and manpower to supply the Liberian market with toiletries and its related products.

The business group said it has assessed and verified that the Liberian owned National Toiletries located in Bernard Farm, Paynesville, has the capacity to supply the products to the local market.

The group believes that if the government gives National Toiletries the exclusive right as the only Liberian firm to produce tissue and its related products, it will not only be a realization of the Liberianization Policy, but President Sirleaf’s dream of seeing ‘Made in Liberia’ products on the Liberian market.

President Sirleaf has repeatedly called for ‘Made in Liberia’ products on the shelves of major supermarkets and businesses in the country. In a nationwide address last week, she reiterated her government’s commitment to have 25 percent of purchases from government ministries and agencies focusing on Liberian made products.

COLINBO said it welcomes the President’s statement and hopes major supermarkets including UN Drive, Exclusive, Sasssouk, Harbel, will now put a halt on the importation of tissues and related products, and replace them with tissue paper being manufactured by the National Toiletries.

Meanwhile, COLINBO is also proposing a reduction in the importation, or the placement of a moratorium on importing mineral water since a lot of local companies are producing water.

COLINBO believes that placing a moratorium on these products will also help to provide more jobs for Liberians and keep money circulating in the local economy. The group said the promotion of local industry is one of the surest ways of reducing poverty and enhancing economic and infrastructural developments.


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