Up Town Business Center Dedicates US$15,000 Internet Café

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A US$15,000 Internet café was on Sunday, December 29, dedicated by Central Monrovia Church of the Nazarene (CMCN) on Lynch Street, as the church’s way of making the ministry of Jesus Christ holistic and accessible to the public.

In a special statement, the sponsor of the café project, Mr. Philips B. Haye, reminded the church leaders and members that the initiative was his own way of contributing to the work, development, and progress, of the church.

Haye said the goal and objectives were to ensure the sustained empowerment of the youth and general membership of the church.

“I’m grateful and delighted to identify with the family of Jesus Christ, since the Ministry of our Lord and Savior does not have boundaries and works for members of the society,” he explained.

Haye underscored the need for members and leaders of the church to take advantage of the services of the internet café in this fast-changing technological world.  

Speaking earlier at the dedication of the café, Superintendent Daniel K. Johnson urged the church’s leaders to work and commit themselves to development, growth, and progress of the church.

He also stressed the need for members of the church to support the elected officers in all of their pursuits in the years to come.

“You have become the servants for the workers of Jesus Christ and should lead by example in all of your daily interactions with members and non-members of the church,” Supt. Johnson reminded the elected officers.

Speaking from the Bible text, 1st Timothy 3:14-16, he urged the elected officers to work and mend fences, rather than be seen as leaders, who would support confusion, hatred, and jealousy among members of the church.

Supt. Johnson pointed out that the new leaders should serve as foundation stones and torch-bearers that would work tirelessly to bring unity, harmony, and good neighborliness to all children of God.”

“We hope and trust that your leadership would promote center-caring, listening and responding to sentiments from all sides of the church” Supt. Johnson emphasized.

In response on behalf of the installed officers, Trustee Ndebeh Harris reminded members and other leaders of the church that they were not leaders that know all that running the church requires.

“We are counting on your support and cooperation to lead you people in the path of development, growth, and progress for the church,” Trustee Harris concluded.


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