UBA Liberia Observes Africa Day Today


In demonstration of its avowed Africaness, as enshrined in its business strategy, pan African banking group, United Bank for Africa (UBA) Liberia Limited branches will on today, May 25, join the rest of the continent in celebrating Africa Day.
The African Union Day is the annual commemoration of the 1963 founding of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), presently recognized as the Africa Union (AU).
The day was set aside by the AU to be recognized around the world as ‘Africa Day’, to celebrate Africa’s diversity and success as well as highlight the culture and economic potential that exist on the continent.

“In line with this year’s Africa Day general theme ‘Unite Africa’, celebrating unity, hope and Love on our Continent as well as validating pan African philosophy, all UBA operating companies across the 18 African countries and around the world will celebrate the day as Staff will be dressed in colorful African fabrics followed by breaking a Kola nut, reflecting the optimism that is fast spreading across the continent after years of being considered the world’s ‘dark continent’,” says a UBA statement.

Over the weekend, UBA Liberia’s Head of Corporate Communication and Services, Douglas Jones, said despite challenges facing the continent, Africa Day is worth celebrating as the future of the world is African. “This is more so with the formation of the global focus on Africa.
He said that in line with UBA’s development initiative around the world and Africa, the bank has always deemed it appropriate to observe Africa Day.

“Africa day is being celebrated in all UBA offices across the nations and international offices worldwide as the Bank believes in showcasing the rich culture of Africa,” Mr. Jones indicated.
United Bank for Africa Plc is one of Africa’s leading financial institutions, offering universal banking to more than 7 million customer accounts across Africa and key financial centers. It currently operates in 18 African countries with a presence in New York, London and Paris, thus being able to effectively arbitrage Africa and African related businesses globally.


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