Tubmanburg Business Entities Worried over Decline in Trade, Services


Several owners of small, medium and large business entities in Tubmanburg City, Bomi County are worried and frustrated over the continuous decline in trade, business transaction and services since the Ebola virus outbreak.

In an hour and a half tour of the two separate daily market centers in Tubmanburg City, many of the businesspeople expressed serious concern about low level sales and profit margins since the outbreak of the Ebola virus in the country.

Tubmanburg, the political and commercial capital of Bomi County, has huge gap of unemployment statistics owing to the fact that there are no significant investment initiatives in the former iron ore mining area.

The majority of small, medium and large business owners are not real citizens of Bomi County.  As a result, the legitimate citizens continue to live below the poverty line.

Such situation could perhaps be attributed to many Bomi citizens not having patriotic spirit to dwell in their county and engage in entrepreneurship and self empowerment through small skill business over the years in that part of Liberia.

Typically, Bomi County for the past several decades was known to be a major mining town that entrenched the citizens to only working for the concession companies perhaps shying away from engaging into small skill business enterprises. 

As a result, poverty and other socio-economic hardships continue to hunt the greater population of Tubmanburg City and many parts of Bomi County in general.

In separate interviews with some business proprietors in Tubmanburg over the weekend, business owners told the Daily Observer that the current business climate in the area can be described as ‘grim and discouraging.’

Businessman Samson Tamba pointed out that since the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in Liberia, doing business in Tubmanburg is a real nightmare and headache.

Mr. Tamba explained that sales of goods and services have dramatically declined owing to the fact that many citizens and residents’ financial conditions are deteriorating everyday due to the fear the Ebola virus has had on the people’s capacity to buy essential commodities.

He however clarified that prices of most essential and critically needed commodities have not yet escalated in Tubmanburg and its immediate environs in Bomi County.

Businessman Tamba also proprietor of a merchandise store and liquor entertainment center in Tubmanburg City noted that customers’ attendance has fallen below the real and normal business interactions for the few weeks.

Asked whether the nation’s staple food-rice price has increased, Mr. Tamba said, “Thank God to another kind hearted business person who is the major distributor of the commodity, hence the price has remained stable.”

During a visit at the Tubmanburg General Market on Saturday, many retail businesswomen expressed grave concern over the continuous decline in the purchasing power of ordinary citizens and residents of the city since the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in Liberia.

A cosmetic retail and wholesale dealer, Madam Martha Yonkedeh disclosed that for the past two weeks, sales has considerably declined due to the current fear and death toll of the Ebola virus in Tubmanburg City, Bomi County.

She intimated that many of the residents and citizens of Tubmanburg have concentrated on buying only critically needed food commodities and not cosmetic at all.

“It is indeed understandable that since people must survive, they must prioritize critically needed food commodities such as rice and petroleum products,” Madam Yonkedeh concluded.

In a related development, even retail green seller vented their frustration and discouragement at the low sales of their food commodities in Tubmanburg City, Bomi County.

Bomi County is one of the under populated counties with high record of poverty stricken people in Liberia.  Most of the people there do not have the purchasing power to buy, which believably is one reason for the slow pace in business in Tubmanburg.


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