The TM Cinema in Liberia and Silverbirld Cinema of Nigeria has signed an official partnership agreement on Saturday, May 6, 2017.

During a red carpet signing ceremony at the roof top of the TM MALL on the UN Drive Coconut Plantation beach in Mamba Point, Mr. Li Sun, CEO of TSMO Investment Corporation, owners of Liberia’s first shopping mall, and Mr. Ekene Nwookolo, Group Head, Corporate services and company secretary of Silverbird Group, owners of Silverbird Cinemas in Nigeria and Ghana, affixed their signatures to a movie distribution deal that will thrill movie goers and significantly boost the development of the movie industry in Liberia.

The agreement not only promises exciting times for all movie lovers, especially those who crave watching the latest movies in classic theaters like TM CINEMA, it will serve as a platform for upcoming Liberian industry professionals to premier their works in a modern cinema environment with huge possibilities of earning respectable fees when their works are good enough for the TM Cinema Theater and Silverbird Cinemas markets.

The initiative by TSMO to include a top class movie theater in its state-of-the –art shopping mall in Liberia would be seen as more than a business venture; it indicates a big interest by this prominent Chinese real estate company to support the youths of Liberia who are bent on becoming major stakeholders in the up and coming movie industry in the country and abroad.

According to Mr. Nwookolo, “Silverbird Cinemas has franchise with major movie studios like Sony, allowing us to distribute and show movies almost as soon as they are released in the United States and other advanced countries.” The Nigerian cinema company executive further explained that, the Liberian industry stakeholders, like their counterparts in Ghana and Nigeria, would benefit various types of supports based on exposure presented them by the TSMO and Silverbird Cinemas collaboration.

The cinema company group head mentioned proper production equipment, training, production financing, government protection and higher fees, as possible deliverables by the private sector and government agencies as TSMO and Silverbird Cinemas pact unearth, nurture and promote the works of deserved Liberian cinematographers.

For over 10 years Silverbird Cinemas has been entertaining Africa with movies from around the world. The company boasts nine locations in five states in Nigeria, and owns Silverbird Cinemas at Accra Shopping Mall in Ghana. With a total seating capacity of 9,319, Silverbird Cinemas is one of the largest Cinema chain in West Africa.

This fact was not lost on Mr. Li Sun, CEO of TSMO Investment Corporation of Liberia, and owner of TM CINEMA, as he signed the significant agreement for real time showing of newly released blockbuster movies at TM CINEMA, which will be opened soon. The signing ceremony was done in the presence of Mr. Ekong Edim, Director of Business Development and General Manager of Silverbird Cinemas; Messrs. Eric Sherman, Vice President TSMO; E. C. B. Jones, Board Member – TSMO; Alex .M Lansana, General Manager, TSMO; Nina Zhang Yuqi, Administrative Officer at TSMO; and a host of company staff.


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