Traffic at Greenville Port ‘Picking Up’

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To be par with its regional and international counterparts, the National Port Authority (NPA) has begun to upgrade all of its sea port facilities across the country with the latest being the port of Greenville, Sinoe County. And it appears to be paying off.
In terms of port traffic at the Greenville facility, the acting MD indicated that the traffic is gradually picking up. He disclosed that just within a month 30,000 cubic meters of logs were shipped through the port.
“We expect the traffic to increase because there are lots of potential investors that have expressed interest in the port of Greenville,” he noted.
Works completed at the Greenville Port include the construction of a concrete fence, which is for the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) around the facility, as well as the installation of CCTV cameras within the port. The CCTV room gives an aerial view of the entire port. The NPA also completed the renovation of a large warehouse for storage and the construction of a guest house.
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf dedicated these facilities last weekend when she paid a brief visit to the Sinoe port facility, which is officially known as the Ross Port of Greenville. The construction of the concrete fence, installation of the CCTV room, the guest house, warehouse and the two storey office space building were put at US$400K, NPA management said.
President Sirleaf said that she was glad to see such transformation, which is the second largest next to the Freeport of Monrovia. She hoped that the NPA management will now turn its attention to the Port of Harper in Maryland County.
“I’m glad these things are happening. We want to see this happening in all of our ports,” the president said.
The NPA wants to ensure that all of its ports across the country meet international standards, NPA Acting Managing Director, David Williams, said.
“All of these facilities, especially the CCTV and Concrete fencing, will make us meet some of these standards, but we are working assiduously to ensure that we meet all of the required standards so that we can attract more vessels into our ports,” MD Williams said.
He indicated that the largest warehouse, which is going to be utilized by Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) and Equatorial Palm Oil, two agricultural companies operating in the southeast, for the storage of their goods and products, specifically their seeds and fertilizers. “There are going to be other users of the facility as well. The NPA renovated other buildings that are going to be accessible to other investors,” he said.
He disclosed that cargos do not come from other countries directly to the Port of Greenville, but rather cargos coming in through the facility are trans-shipped from the Port of Monrovia to Greenville. Facility for the guest house, the NPA Acting boss said is intended to host employees and dignitaries that might come to the facility.
Meanwhile, MD Williams expressed happiness over the dedication of the facilities which he said the NPA has really been committed to in the short period of time that he has been at the helm of authority. “I’m very happy especially for the staff, who made this project a success,” he said.
He lauded the project committee chair, Sekou Kolleh, who he said worked with other members diligently to ensure that all of the projects were completed within a very short time. “I’m very glad for the level of work that was done here in a very short time. We provided the leadership while Mr. Kolleh and his team executed the task,” he said.


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