Total MD Calls for Safety Measures


The managing director of TOTAL-Liberia Incorporated, Robert Fenech, Monday, April 28, renewed his call on owners of business establishments in the country to (at all times) observe rules governing safety measures at places of work and business establishments.

Mr. Fenech made the call he delivered a special message on the celebration of this year’s World Day for Safety, held at Total’s Jacob Town Service Station in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

TOTAL is one of the biggest importers and distributors of petroleum products on the Liberian Markets.

The program brought together officials of Total employees, Ministry of Public Works, construction companies, members of the Transport sector as well as the general public.

Mr. Fenech spoke on the theme, “Speak Up, for Safety.” Based on what he said was important for everyone in the observance of safety rules to ensure healthy living and business growth.
According him, safety in general is a top primary concern to Total around the world including the branch in Liberia.

Safety, he said, is considered as a major concern for
fast business growth as was mentioned in TOTAL’s 2013 report, which he said 76 percent of them help in reporting the Anomalies (difference) and share best practices.
Total-Liberia MD mentioned that accident and other unsafe incidentals takes place at job sites due to the behavior of human being themselves.

Mr. Fenech urged everyone to speak out against unsafe practices at areas of work, business and as well as at home to help safe live and avoid injuries that could lead to unproductivity for the sustainability.
“Successful achievement depends on our safety and if one goes to work and returns home without sustaining any injuries that along promotes productivity of our job” Said MD Fenech.
Furthered, the TOTAL- Liberian MD maintained that integrating safety in every activity of the company touches every employee’s life ranging from the least to the highest as well as customers.
“Change your behavior and thinking towards things that could lead to accident and injuries but retake safety measures to ensure business growth and development,” he concluded.
In his welcoming remarks, TOTAL-Liberia Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Manager Mr. Robert D. Boakia, Sr. urged the public to report instances that could cause dangers to life and properties.
He said, safety is a key to the business sector and the companies and business agencies cannot succeed without safety.
According to Mr. Boakia, Sr. reporting instances and anomalies are good examples for safety which could have led to the injury or death of someone.
He mentioned that safety as a primary concerned to the business sector, must be taken seriously as it is the overriding factor and force to a better business growth.
For his part, the project officers at the Ministry of Public Works on High Way Construction, J. Henry Baysah, called on Liberians, especially those in the industry and construction sector to live by safety rules and
guidelines to help prevent injuries and death.
“Safety is for all, and is a top concern to the wellbeing of the workforce and everyone can help enforce safety measures by using personal protective materials as well as observing personal protective safety rules. Safety is a top primary concern for all and it is a requirement for all companies to observe all safety rules as injuries create setbacks for the company as well as those involve,” said Baysah.


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